Hi there,
we’re VALID Systems.

We are meticulous about our data,
relentless in solving problems,
and maniacal in the pursuit of our clients’ success.


Born in Fort Worth, TX

Being based in Texas has informed who we are. It’s the grit in our people that made us believe we could pull off this big feat better than anyone else. A “hand me the reins” / “say when” way of thinking.

As our client’s needs dictated that our company grow, we expanded our talent pool with industry experts. This led us to reach across the country to find the best talent.

Meet the team

We’re a potent blend of experienced engineers, machine learning wizards, and product designing gurus – with over a century of risk decisioning experience between us.

Dyron Clower

Chief Operating Officer
From 06/01/2003

John Templer

Chief Executive Officer
From 06/01/2003

Mike Ring

Chief Information Officer
From 10/01/2003

Mike DeGray

IS Security Manager
From 03/01/2006

LaShonna Sharp

Chief Risk Officer
From 10/02/2006

Larry Dugger

VP, Database Administration
From 04/01/2008

Amy Flint

Director, Client Management
From 03/03/2008

Mindy Bruce

Principal, VI+ Analytic Designer
From 01/02/2013

Octavia Hightower

Project Manager
From 03/01/2014

Hal Diggs

Director, Software Development
From 11/01/2014


Principal Data Scientist
From 03/02/2014

Mandy Hutchison

Manager, Fraud Mitigation
From 08/02/2014

Chris Sharp

DevOps Data Engineer
From 02/01/2015

Cecilia Vargas

VP, Business Intelligence
From 09/01/2015

Rodney Drake

Chief Strategy Officer
From 08/02/2015

Bobby Gross

Decision Scientist II
From 09/02/2015

Nick Ledford

Principal Decision Scientist
From 09/08/2015

Joshua Schaffner

Tableau Developer
From 05/01/2016

Mike Serrette

Decision Scientist II
From 10/02/2016

Brianna McGuinness

Data Engineer
From 09/06/2016

Lee Whiting

Senior Data Architect
From 01/01/2017

Jasmine Dominguez

Jr. Business Analyst
From 10/01/2017

Cymbre Lom

VP, Strategic Insights & Client Management
From 03/02/2017

Patrick Foster

Senior Software Engineer
From 06/12/2017

Keith Wawrzeniak

Senior Project Manager
From 05/02/2018

Kanthi Thupakula

Software Engineer
From 11/06/2018

Earl Babista

Decision Scientist
From 01/08/2018

Nicholas Robinson

Software Engineer
From 09/03/2019

Raquel Merced

Data Scientist
From 11/04/2019

Joey Garza

Manager, Technology & Support
From 10/12/2021

Haley Levsey

Fraud/Return Analyst
From 08/03/2022

Since 2003, we have focused primarily on acquiring talent with an expertise that reflects our client base.

Equal to that focus has been equipping that talent with the ability to execute against major initiatives and deliver on the objectives of our partners and clients.

  • 2003
    Company founded
  • 2004
    Launch 1st bank offered non-customer check cashing program in the nation
  • 2006
    Implemented check cashing for Alternative Financial Service companies
  • 2010
    Entered retail check cashing space
  • 2013
    Implemented visual analytics system
  • 2014
    Add major retailer as sole provider for check decisioning services
    Added Principal Data Scientist transitioning to a full risk & analytics company
  • 2016
    Added real-time event monitoring
    $1B in lifetime checks approved
  • 2017
    Launched InstantFUNDS within Mobile
  • 2018
    Launched InstantFUNDS within ATM
  • 2019
    Implemented Machine Learning decisioning
    Launched Real Time Loss Alerts
  • 2020
    $50B in lifetime deposits approved for instant availability
  • 2021
    $100M in total lifetime client fee revenue generated
  • 2022
    Introduced InteliFUNDS
    $190B in total lifetime deposits approved for instant availability

To that end VALID has fostered a culture that encourages our world-class talent to push the edges of conventional processes and think outside the box when facing problems. We develop solutions not to simply fix a problem, but looking ahead to better an industry.

20 years of data analytics and real-time risk decisioning.
Patents focused on real time risk decisioning and advancing the industry around deposit fraud and availability.
Over a century of combined experience within our leadership team designing and delivering financial risk solutions.

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