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Very few things in banking cost more in losses and expense to a bank while creating a more frustrating customer experience than the check deposit.

  • InteliFUNDS©

    Convert check deposit losses into efficiencies for the FI and a transformative deposit experience for customers. VALID can decision in real-time every check deposited, accelerating up to 99% of items for instant availability while identifying 1% of items to be held due to risk. Any item approved for accelerated availability that later leads to deposit chargeoff is covered by VALID. Wipe check losses off the balance sheet, create efficiencies throughout the deposit process, and offer best-in-class deposit services through InteliFUNDS.

  • InstantFUNDS

    Drive client-elected fee revenue by offering customers choice and transparency with every deposit. VALID sits within the deposit flow to make sub-second decisions on each check. Approved items are able to be offered at a small convenience fee to customers for immediate, good funds with VALID guaranteeing the item against return for both the bank and the customer.

  • RTLA© (Real-Time Loss Alerts©)

    Want actionable intelligence, with high accuracy, in real-time on every check deposit? Introducing Real Time Loss Alerts. Alert on over 75% of current check deposit chargeoff with accuracy so you can drive efficient treatments at the point of presentment.



Having cashed, accelerated, and risk decisioned over $200B in checks, we have established ourselves as a leader in the check space. The check is not dead, and neither is check innovation. Put our advances in check decisioning to work at your organization.

  • Check Cashing (OnUs, transit & traditional check cashing)

    On Us, Transit, & traditional check cashing; we do it all. We might not have been the first, but we are among the original check cashers still innovating in the space. Being the first company to cash a check through an ATM and as the owner of 9 patents in check innovation, we continue to lead the market with technology and expertise that delivers industry leading performance. We offer fully guaranteed services as well as verification only. Be it FI’s looking to cash checks for customers, or AFS providers or retailers offering traditional check cashing services, we have seen it all and have a solution that will work for you.

  • INclearing Loss Alerts

    We find the fraud you can’t see. Where business rules and image analysis end, we keep going. Using behavioral analytics and machine learning decisioning we identify the fraud without impacting the good volume.


Personal Lending

Whether small dollar lending or augmenting credit decisions, we believe that transactional behavior is a powerful tool. Let us show you how together we can drive credit inclusion while managing risk.

  • ReadyCash©

    Small dollar lending done right. Thin margins that don’t allow for manual underwriting and high risk make small dollar lending cost prohibitive for providers and consumers. Insert automated behavioral analytics and machine learning decisioining and the value proposition fundamentally changes. We’ve structured our program to be technically flexible, creating a low lift for providers and keeping program design in their hands. Make more, smart offers at a fraction of the cost.

  • Credit+

    Augment the credit underwriting process of your existing clients by leveraging Credit+. With Credit+ we put to work our behavioral analytics and machine learning using transaction data to help uncover credit worthiness and decrease risk in your lending decisions. Need to expand your loan portfolio? Look no further than your existing DDA relationships through Credit+.


Data Analytics

Peer into the future of portfolio performance with VALID’s data analytics and portfolio scoring tools. Account attrition, Financial Health measurements, and predictive scoring unlock the keys to your data to deliver profitable value to your customers.

  • MPI Score

    Measure, Predict, & Impact account portfolio growth with the MPI Score. From future account value forecasted as soon as Day 1 of account opening, attrition forecasting, and new account activation; gain the insights you need now and make the decisions required to drive customer growth.

  • Financial Health Score

    We believe in the concept of doing well as an organization by doing good for our customers. Helping to identify the financial health of a customer based on their behavior and not perception is the key to understanding the impact of the products we create and the services we provide. Let us help you better identify your customer’s financial health, and take the guesswork out of measuring your product’s impact.

  • Client BI

    Put our data science and data visualization teams to work for you. We’ve made a company out of pushing technologies to their limit to get the most out of our client’s data. Be it payments, portfolio analysis, lending, or anything in between our team will go to work for you unearthing the gold found buried within your data.


VALID Systems is Soc 2 Type 2 audited and follows a strict compliance regimen to protect our people, systems, and your data from the latest cyber security threats.

Our data centers are ISO 27001 certified and employ a round-the-clock Security Operations Center (SOC), providing security analysts with immediate threat detection alerts for malicious threats using established telemetry across endpoint agents, security, devices, and network monitoring.

Providing our partners with the best-in-class risk decision engine also means ensuring your transactions occur on a secure, high-availability infrastructure. Our job is to offer you peace of mind that our systems will always be available and that your data is always secure.

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