We deliver excellence
at the intersection of
technology and talent.

Our data driven, machine learning capabilities are delivered by experienced advisors who are dedicated to driving uncommon results through unparalleled performance.


Our technology allows our clients to make the right transactional decisions in real-time and drive revenue.

Leapfrogging the conventional static set of industry based risk rules and two-day-old account status responses, VALID leverages a proprietary risk modeling architecture that employs predictive analytics.

Step #1
Get to know you
Each project represents a client’s journey
We believe that a deep understanding begins with good questions. Through a process of discovery, we learn the details of your business prior to engineering the solution.

Once we understand the problem from all angles, we go to work on solutioning the opportunity in collaboration with your team.
Step #2
Get to know your data
The #1 ingredient to our secret sauce is DATA
Data Transmission. Security, flexibility, and security. Our #1 priority is your data’s security and boy do we mean secure (learn more about how we keep your data secure).

Additionally, we value making working with us easy, and focus on offering flexible solutions to fit your framework.
Step #3
Our solutions are tailored for your uniqueness
At VALID, we don’t just drop off the software at your door and leave you to figure it out. Your custom plan details the steps that we’ll take to invest in your success.

What goes into each VALID risk decision:

  • Sub-second Transaction Processing
    VALID is processing thousands of financial transactions in parallel, providing clients and their customers with an intra-transaction risk decision.
  • Real-Time Machine Learning Risk Modeling
    • Impact to bottom-line revenue

    • Lower charge-off expenses

    • Identify anticipated account attrition

    • Alert on outlier fraud activity

    Each of these is a singular example of a proven impact VALID’s ML risk modeling is having across our product portfolios. Each ML risk model carries it’s own set of unique feature sets that ensure model performance exceeds defined internal targets and client SLA’s.
  • Feature Engineering
    Industry experience stacked against mathematical prowess is what is required to ensure strong ML model accuracy. Our Decision and Data Scientists continually work to define and develop new ML features, create unique feature transformations, and construct new data variables. While VALID has a keen understanding of Pareto’s 80-20 principle, the risk reward is gained in our persistency.
  • Data Wrangling / Data Prep
    Key to VALID’s decision and insight success if our process to both prep and map raw and unstructured client provided data. Data is pulled across and prepped daily to ensure accurate ML feature re-calculation and risk decisioning, as well as availability to our Business Intelligence teams for same day data analytics and performance reporting needs.
  • Real-time API ML Feature Re-Calculation
    To safeguard the accuracy of VALID risk decisioning, our team of talented developers and database engineers have designed a process with the capability to re-calculate a defined set of API ML features INTRA-transaction. Development of this real-time processing platform continues to contribute to year-over-year gains in client bottom-line revenue.
  • Daily Re-Calculation of all Account and Payer ML Features
    Key to any ML risk model is the accuracy of each ML feature calculation, but of upmost importance is the recency of the data utilized to calculate each ML feature. At VALID each production ML stat line feature, as well as each ML feature hosted against our risk feature catalog are re-calculated daily.

    Upon receipt of client provided daily batch data files, a delta identification step is run to identify all Accounts or Payers with a single data variable difference compared to the prior day’s feature stat set. Any Account or Payer identified to have a delta variable is flagged for the re-calculation of their respective stat line. This process is critical to the accuracy performance of all ML risk models leveraging these features.
  • Real-Time Alert Monitoring
    VALID is leveraging real-time monitoring and alerting technologies to notify our Business and Account Management teams of events that may be contributing to client transaction and / or performance concerns, allowing for pro-active vs reactive measures to be taken. This process plays an equally critical role for our Decision Science teams to understand and take immediate action against negative trends and slopes beyond defined thresholds.
  • Eyes-On-Glass Fraud Monitoring
    AI can only take the place of understanding rational behavioral norms. Human instinct is a must when working to pinpoint singular fraud events. When combined, these events have a tangible impact to overall product performance. VALID’s Fraud and Return Management teams review all returns and high-risk client alerts to identify and create single event fraud cases, allowing for laser focused risk decision accuracy.
  • Visual Insights Analysis
    VALID’s Business Intelligence teams work with client performance data to establish new industry and / or client portfolio trends. BI Data Engineers work hand-in-hand with our Visual Report Developers to provide both internal teams and clients visual dashboards allowing for strategic and tactical visual understanding and conclusion.
  • Real-Time Performance Ad Hoc and Dashboard Reporting
    In the event that a VALID business team member or client representative has a particular question, or is working to pull together unique data points for a presentation or business plan … behind the scenes VALID’s Data Engineers are consistently striving to maintain and develop both API and client batch data in a way that allows for quick, accurate answers.

    VALID has made It a key initiative within our Business Intelligence organization to design a data source and table structure that would allow for both line-item transaction review, as well as aggregated summaries. These structures are designed to ensure that data dimension and measures are defined and calculated the same across all data sources.

Our solutions are tailored
for your uniqueness.

We deliver the expertise of our entire team along with industry leading technology at the critical point of financial risk within your process.


Our values


Few traits are more emblematic of our organization then good old-fashioned grit. Forged from our Texan roots, our entrepreneurial spirit cannot be broken. We tackle big problems head on and thrive on coming through for our clients.


Perhaps the secret to our success is the deep passion held by each member of our team to come through every day for our clients. We love being the underdog, and nothing lights our fire like solving big, industry-wide problems.


Underpinning everything we do is the guiding principal to do right by our clients. We believe in handshake deals and take our commitments personally. We’re straight shooters that believe when our clients do well, we do well.


“Good enough” doesn’t work at VALID. Once expectations are met, that’s when the real work begins. If there is revenue for a client to unlock, we go to work on the key. If there is fraud to be stopped, we find it.

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