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Put our real time machine learning capabilities to work to for you, turning current business risk into rewarding experiences for your customers

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VALID Systems provides financial institutions with instant risk decisioning for deposits, checks, loans, and more.

In check volume processed for 2022
Deposits approved for instant availability through InteliFUNDS
Unique Features Used within our Risk Decisions

Get to market fast, execute flawlessly. We are the nimble partner our clients rely on to solve financial risk problems.


Our flagship InteliFUNDS solution makes 99% of deposited funds instantly available to your customers with no risk. From fraud identification to client-elected fee revenue, we have deposit solutions that align with your strategic goals.

Personal Lending

Whether used for small dollar lending or strengthening credit decisions, our clients put our risk decisioning to work on their data to drive credit inclusion and profitable growth.


With more than $200 billion in decisioned checks under our belt, we’re a pioneer in check authentication and risk decisioning. In fact, we were the first company to cash a check through an ATM.

Data Analytics

Our quantitative analytics and portfolio scoring tools deliver the business intelligence and insights banks need to create new revenue streams and drive profitable growth.

At VALID, we don’t sell you a technology.
We help you execute your strategy.
This is how:

We teach your data how to properly train
Top performing models are like the bodies of athletes. It’s all in what you feed it and how they are trained that matters when the lights are brightest. The right data being fed in real time ensures fraudulent behavior is identified the moment it is presented, not after an event.
We harness the power of your data to drive business success
Our technology plays second to none, but it takes a skilled driver to get across the finish line first. Our Decision & Data Science teams are the brains behind the engine and are enabled by the tireless efforts of our Technology group.
We wrap our brains around your problems
We wake up each morning passionate about solving our client’s problems. We crave the opportunity to come through for our clients, innovating around issues and thinking on the fly. We leverage our expertise and flexibility in order to help you execute against the objective.

We are not Big FinTech, we are Better FinTech

Our clients work with us because they enjoy working with us. We embrace opportunities, execute with precision, and create enduring solutions for our clients unique needs.


The real competitive advantage of any business comes down to one factor, people.

Our technology is cutting edge, but our people make us special. The VALID Advantage starts with hiring the right talent and empowering them with the best tools. We believe in personal accountability, no punch clocks here.

With a generous vacation policy, incredible health care with no premiums, and flexible work from home scheduling, we take care of our employees so they can take good care of our clients.

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