Real-Time Payment Decisions

The ability to execute decisions in real time is critical to managing risk across your enterprise but managing risk and balancing customer experience are often competing concepts. Our patent pending decision engine allows you to balance both all while driving sustainable business growth. With our optional funds guarantee and customizable decision attributes we provide your organization complete confidence against transactional risk and enable you to deliver to your customers an industry leading customer experience through the following capabilities:

  • Accelerated Deposit Availability
  • Check Verification Services
  • Stored Value Loads
  • Deposit Risk Mitigation
  • Regulatory Watch List Monitoring

Business Intelligence

Having detailed insights into your business is critical to performance. We go beyond transaction decisions providing your organization access to visual and actionable intelligence based on your data and trends. VALID Insights™ will allow you to optimize your business performance in key areas such as:

  • Real-Time Event Notifications
  • Data Management
  • Actionable Business Dashboards
  • Data Evaluation, Discovery & Depiction
  • Social Media Analytics

Custom Analytical Modeling & Professional Services

Analytical models built specifically for your business can optimize almost any part of your organization but be expensive to develop, deploy and maintain. Consider VALID Systems’ data science division an extension of your team assisting you throughout the entire model lifecycle helping you to deliver on your business objectives. Our team of experts has helped industry leaders solve for complex problems including:

  • Customer Lifecycle and Retention
  • Product Pricing Strategies and Segmentation
  • Product Fee Revenue Overlap and Cannibalization
Solutions by Industry