Work with a partner that understands your business. At VALID we don't sell banks a technology, we help them execute on their strategy. We leverage the most advanced decision engine in the industry alongside the experience and expertise of our entire team to deliver your organizations' brand of success. From enabling the launch of the first national bank non-customer check cashing program over a decade ago to now, we demonstrate to our clients daily our ability to execute against their strategic objectives.

Solutions for financial institutions

Accelerated Deposits

Millions of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Generate significant revenue helping meet the cash flow needs of your consumer and small business clients by offering immediate access of funds without the risk. Our patent pending decision engine and process evaluates deposits at the time of presentment creating a frictionless customer experience in all delivery channels that surprises & delights. Our decisions are backed by an optional 100% return guarantee giving your organization the peace of mind that the bank is fully protected.

Check Verification

Access to responsible financial services is not the reality for many households across the country. By providing a safe and responsible alternative for the millions of Americans living paycheck to paycheck you create a stronger brand image in the community, generate revenue and provide a solid acquisition base to build upon. Our check verification decisions are backed by an optional 100% return guarantee giving your organization the peace of mind that the bank is fully protected against losses resulting from check returns.

Real-Time Payment Analysis

With the push to real-time payments, now more than ever you need a decisioning process that can adapt. Our process enables sub second decisions using a combination of structured and unstructured data sources, not relying on a day 2 system. Our real-time decision engine can evaluate the multiple dimensions of a transaction’s risk and provide immediate responses so risk can be managed appropriately at the time of presentment.

On-Us Check Verification

Even the most sophisticated fraud tools can leave a financial institution vulnerable to organized fraudulent check cashing activity. Let our decades of expertise in this space assist your institution in better managing these high risk transactions in a manner that protects all of your customer’s accounts not just those subscribed to positive pay services.

Custom Event Monitoring Alerts

Often times there are leading indicators of fraud preceding the actual event but no holistic way to observe while they are occurring. Our event monitoring engine can take in structured and unstructured data feeds from multiple data sources and trigger real time alerts for immediate action allowing your institution to better respond to threats and protect valuable assets.

Business Intelligence

Having detailed insights into your business is critical to performance. We go beyond transaction decisions providing your organization access to visual and actionable intelligence based on your data and trends. VALID Insights™ will allow you to optimize your business performance in key areas such as:

  • Real-Time Event Notifications
  • Data Management
  • Actionable Business Dashboards
  • Data Evaluation, Discovery & Depiction
  • Social Media Analytics

Custom Analytical Modeling & Professional Services

Analytical models built specifically for your business can optimize almost any part of your organization but be expensive to develop, deploy and maintain. Consider VALID Systems’ data science division an extension of your team assisting you throughout the entire model lifecycle helping you to deliver on your business objectives. Our team of experts has helped industry leaders solve for complex problems including:

  • Customer Lifecycle and Retention
  • Product Pricing Strategies and Segmentation
  • Product Fee Revenue Overlap and Cannibalization
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