VALID Systems is comprised of two differentiating ingredients. Our TECHNOLOGY and our TEAM. VALID's core capabilities are driven by our fully automated transaction processing and patented risk decision engine, and our team of data scientists, risk analysts, innovators, and industry leaders bring these capabilities to life for our clients. This enables VALID to offer the most highly customized solutions that execute on the near impossible mission of minimizing risk, enhancing the customer experience, all at a profit for our clients. We are meticulous about our data, relentless in solving problems, and maniacal in the pursuit of our clients' success.

The VALID Advantage

The Technology

Our technology allows our clients to make the right transactional decisions, in real-time, and drive revenue. Leapfrogging the conventional static set of industry based risk rules and 2 day old account status responses, VALID leverages a proprietary risk modeling architecture that employs predictive analytics. Focusing on the key predictive data attributes and behavioral patterns, each decision, positive pay, and return are fed back into the automated decision engine, thereby creating a self-learning model that remains in a state of perpetual refinement. While the principles of VALID’s risk modeling are increasingly technical, extensive emphasis has been placed on both up front data attribute and decision response flexibility that allows for client specific tailoring. We provide this level of sophistication on each decision not only in sub-second real-time transaction speeds, but with industry leading security within our platform and data management.

The Team

Since 2003 VALID has focused on acquiring talent with an expertise that reflects its client base. Equal to that focus has been equipping that talent with the ability to execute against major initiatives and deliver on the objectives of our partners and clients. To that end VALID has fostered a culture that encourages our world-class talent to push the edges of conventional processes and think outside the box when facing problems. We develop solutions not to simply fix a problem, but looking ahead to better an industry.

Industry Expertise

For more than 25 years John has helped to shape the financial services industry; be it as a co-founder and senior manager of a franchising financial services company, co-inventor of an automated check cashing process, and recipient of 9 US patents.

John Templer, Jr.

Chief Executive Officer

With more than 20 years in the financial services industry and as the recipient of 9 US patents as the co-inventor of an automated check cashing process, Dyron has distinguished himself as an industry leader in the self-service and financial technology market.

Dyron Clower

Chief Operations Officer

With more than 13 years of technology experience Mike has helped FI’s, Retailers, and other AFS providers design, develop, and implement revenue generating solutions impacting Database, Security, QA, Compliance, and CRM systems.

Michael Ring

Chief Information Officer

With more than 20 years of experience within the consumer financial services industry La Shonna has managed risk and analytic teams as well as the check cashing programs for not only VALID, but also GE Money, ACE Cash Express, and innoVentry.

La Shonna Sharp

Chief Risk Officer

With more than 13 years of experience integrating, managing and bringing payment risk products to market for some of the industry’s leading organizations, Aaron’s experience provides invaluable insights to successful product launches and complex integrations to make your initiative a success.

Aaron Calipari

VP, Strategic Programs

With more than 10 years of banking experience and having lead consumer programs focused on the Underbanked for a top 20 FI, Rodney leverages his industry knowledge and banking experience in order achieve the strategic objectives for VALID’s FI clients.

Rodney Drake

VP, Product & Client Strategy

Having spent nearly a decade managing risk and fraud teams in both check and credit card, Nickolas leverages his diverse experience to mitigate fraud and losses for our clients be it a top 10 FI or check cashing retailer.

Nickolas Ledford

Director, Risk & Analytics